Police told to keep motto of ‘fast and efficient’ in mind

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POLICE officers and personnel are required to carry out their responsibilities even after working hours, said the deputy minister at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) during the Royal Brunei Police Force’s (RBPF’s) anniversary parade yesterday.

Dato Paduka Hj Hamdan Hj Abu Bakar said that this is among the commitment shouldered by the RBPF to achieve its motto, “cepat dan sempurna” (fast and efficient), in serving to the public.

He noted that some police officers and personnel have failed to uphold this motto, and asked members of the RBPF to always keep this in mind when carrying out their duties.

“They need to always question whether or not the motto has been achieved, or is it only ‘good on paper?’ Is it only a theory for them to be proud of?” he said.

The commitment from police officers and personnel, he added, can be further enhanced by reaching out more to members of the public, especially in addressing their complaints and evaluating their suggestions.

“The RBPF need to make an effort to understand the public, and build good rapport with them in order to know what is happening within their communities, instead of just conducting patrols around their residential areas,” he said.

The deputy minister reminded RBPF personnel to be friendlier when serving the public, urging them to be easily approachable so as to “gain their trust and confidence”.

However, Dato Hj Hamdan stressed that safety is a collective responsibility of the people and communities.

He said that each and every person is held accountable to protect their own assets, and not just let security agencies shoulder the burden.

“It is only through cooperation with the public can the RBPF know what is really happening in certain areas and villages,” said the deputy minister.

He stressed the need for the RBPF to have a clear vision and path, which should be reflected in the strategic plans formulated by its leaders.

“In addressing developing criminal trends, it is appropriate for the RBPF to be technologically advanced as not only would it save costs and manpower, but also accelerate their tasks, including the information gathering processes,” he said.

Around 900 members of the RBPF, divided into 15 contingents, participated in the parade which was held at the Parade Field of the Police Training Centre.

The ceremony also saw six individuals – two civilians and four police officers and personnel – awarded with certificates of commendation for their performance and cooperation that has led to the successful investigation of criminal cases.

Also present at the ceremony was Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad Juanda Hj A Rashid, Permanent Secretary at the PMO as well as former RBPF officers and grassroots leaders.

The Brunei Times