PB opens business-themed carnival

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POLITEKNIK Brunei held the opening ceremony yesterday for its five-day convocation carnival.

Its theme, ‘Cultivating Entrepreneurship’, is in response to His Majesty’s titah encouraging Bruneians to venture into entrepreneurship and business, especially youths.

In an interview, Ehwan Juned, chairman of the carnival, said PB students and anyone who wanted to sell their goods were invited to set up booths for their businesses.

“We advertised 40 stalls for whoever would like to rent a booth here.

“As of now, around 30 are filled, which is good,” said Ehwan, who is also assistant head of the Centre for Student Development and Innovation at PB.

For young people, he said running businesses would teach them the values of being independent, where they would learn to help themselves and be successful on their own.

He said entrepreneurship also teaches them to be creative and innovative such as designing their services and products and marketing them.

Ehwan added that he felt youth of today have become dependent on and pampered by their parents as well as the government.

He said they shouldn’t be picky as to what business they will delve into, even if it is a more traditional form of business such as selling drinks.

“They have to start somewhere. Whatever skills they are learning and acquiring will help them when they want to develop their business or venture into other types of industries.”

Haziq Marsini, a PB student and vendor at the carnival, was selling ice coconut slushies with a few other students for his business.

Previously selling sandwiches, he decided to try his luck this year with coconut shakes, as he saw it as a popular beverage being sold in Malaysia.

He said that since he was now awaiting graduation upon completing his finance course, he might as well just try his luck in doing business, adding that he would continue selling in the long term if it had the same result as what he saw in Malaysia.

The convocation carnival is being held ahead of PB’s second-ever graduation ceremony slated for January 28 at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

Present as the guest of honour to inaugurate the ceremony was Acting Director of Politeknik Brunei Denis Ho Mun Tai.

The carnival features cultural shows, performances, food stalls and retail booths.

The Brunei Times