Members of public rewarded for helping solve theft cases

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) has awarded two members of the public with certificates of commendation for their assistance in solving a string of mosque thefts in Temburong last year.

Siti Hawa Maramit and Muhammad Naqib Abdullah had shown police the pictures they took of the perpetrator.

They also played a role in the arrest of the suspect and solving of the case.

The thefts happened at Masjid Utama Mohd Salleh Mosque, Masjid Kg Labu Estate Mosque and Masjid Pg Hj Abu Bakar.

Siti Hawa said she was cleaning at Masjid Kg Puni when a man suddenly peeked into a window near her.

“But the windows were tinted, so the man did not know that I saw him peeking from the inside,” she said.

“Seeing that he was acting suspicious, I immediately took out my phone and took a picture of him,” she said, adding that his Malaysian-registered motorcycle was also captured in the photo.

The picture was then sent to her nephew, 23-year-old Muhammad Naqib, who then forwarded the picture to his acquaintance, who was also a member of the police force.

Both of them were then brought over to assist with police investigations.

They said, in a short period of time, the police were able to capture the suspect, who confessed in courts over the mosque thefts.

The perpetrator, a Malaysian man residing in Lawas, had been sentenced to serve 68 months in prison with five strokes of the cane in October last year.

Meanwhile, four other police officers and personnel were awarded with the same certificates for their success in solving criminal cases.

Two of them, Senior Inspector of Police Aprizam Hj Mohamad and Staff Sergeant Muhammad Efendi Abdullah Kiau, were awarded as part of the investigation team for the Temburong mosque thefts.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Pg Hj Abu Naba’aa Pg Hj Yusof and Sergeant Hj Yusran Hj Dagang were awarded with the commendation upon immediately solving the case of a missing woman who was found dead, with signs of foul play.

The two were able to immediately identify the perpetrator, who was then sentenced to six months imprisonment and $1,328 fine.

The Brunei Times