Imams outline etiquette of visiting the sick

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ISLAM has enjoined the practice of visiting the sick and has outlined proper etiquette for doing so, imams nationwide said yesterday in the Friday Sermon.

Visiting the sick can help remind a Muslims of death and bring them to repentance. By adhering to the proper etiquette, a Muslim will be able to lighten the suffering of those who are sick by bringing a little cheer to their day while also strengthening ties.

In yesterday’s Friday sermon, imams reminded Muslims in the country that when their relatives, neighbours and friends are ill, it is their responsibility to visit and show concern.

“This is one of the ways recommended by Islam by which we can strengthen ties of kinship. Visiting the sick is one of the rights of a Muslim upon another Muslim,” said imams.

The sermon cited Hadith or tradition of the prophet narrated by Imam at-Tirmidzi which says that “Whoever visits a sick person or his brother for the sake of Allah SWT, a caller (angel) will call out to him: ‘How blessed you are, how blessed your journey is, prepared for you is a house in paradise.”

According to the sermon the ruling on visiting the sick is sunnah mu’akkadah (a sunnah that is strongly demanded).

“Visiting the sick is not confined to sick friends or neighbours only, it is sunnah to visit Muslims one does not know, even enemies or those who have hurt us.”

Meanwhile, the ruling for visiting a sick _dzimmi _disbeliever [non-Muslim living under Muslim rule] is permissible but it is _sunnah _if they happen to be a close kin or a neighbor or if one hopes that they will embrace Islam.

The sermon also outlined proper etiquette when visiting the sick so as to not inconvenience them.

“The purpose of visiting the sick should be sincerely for the sake of Allah SWT and should be accompanied by a good intention, for example out of love and compassion, kinship and a sense of responsibility.”

Muslims should also visit at the proper time and be considerate and not stay too long as this may become an inconvenience and disturb the sick.

It is also _sunnah _to give the sick advice so that they will bear their suffering patiently and have faith in Allah SWT.

The Brunei Times