Social Welfare Council needs a home

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THE Council on Social Welfare (MKM) is seeking a house or office space for the NGO’s headquarters, appealing to local benefactors to provide rent at a “nominal fee”.

Representatives for MKM said the premises would be used as the NGO’s main office, where they would store files, donations, and run activities aimed at helping the less fortunate.

MKM said it also hopes to use the space as temporary accommodation for the needy, who find they are without a place to stay.

As a non-profit organisation, MKM stressed that charity drives are not used to pay for administrative expenses, and all organisational costs are met by donations from individuals who allow them to do this. They added that all meetings the group attends – whether organised locally or internationally – are sponsored by outside organisations. For more information, please contact Datin Intan Kassim at 8721403 or Nur Judy Abdullah at 8954388.

The Brunei Times