Murder suspect taken into custody again

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A MAN facing the death penalty for the murder of his father was taken into custody again yesterday, pending investigation into the case.

Malaysian national Jeromy Ling Leh Teck, who speaks the Fuzhou dialect, was ordered to be remanded after Deputy Public Prosecutor Hjh Zuraidah Hj Sidek told the court that an interpreter will only be available on January 18, the same day a further mention is scheduled for 2pm.  The prosecution said the Special Investigation Unit needed more time to conduct the investigation as their “manpower was stretched”. Over the past week, police were searching for a Fuzhou interpreter and handling another murder case committed in Temburong.  The 32-year-old defendant is charged with causing the death of 58-year-old Ling Koung Tien on January 4 at Kg Jangsak.

The Brunei Times