All Bruneians in Jakarta safe after a series of bombings

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ALL Bruneians living in Jakarta are safe following the massive explosion at Indonesia’s capital city which killed at least six people as of press time yesterday.

In a phone interview with an official from the Brunei embassy in Indonesia, she said the embassy had tried calling all of Bruneian residents in Jakarta to inquire about their situation.

“Alhamdulillah, including the students, they are all safe as nobody is living nearby the incident, which happened around central Jakarta,” said the official.

Although local Indonesian reports said that the central areas included embassies located near shopping malls, the Bruneian embassy was not affected as the headquarters is located at the Southern Jakarta.

“The embassy will continue monitoring the situation, and in the meantime, Bruneians who are living in Jakarta can contact the embassy should they need assistance,” the official said.

The numbers to be contacted are 006281280660134 and 006281289217808.

The embassy has also advised Bruneian tourists to be more cautious and careful when visiting Jakarta.

The Brunei Times