Tutong District Volunteers seek more members

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THE Tutong District Volunteers want more participants for their upcoming community service programme, said the group’s secretary.

Hj Saiful Bahri Hj Umar Ali recently called on the public to join their third Volunteer Village Programme, which is slated to take place in February in conjunction with the Tutong District Volunteers’ first anniversary.

Over 25 people have registered for the programme so far, but the group is looking to attract greater interest particularly from youths and senior citizens residing in the district.

“I hope youth who are job hunting or waiting for exam results as well as retired senior citizens will come forward to volunteer. They have different skill sets which they can contribute to help the community,” he said.

He said the Tutong District Volunteers is keen on recruiting a wider age range of participants, enabling them to tap into a more diverse talent pool.

“This programme will be slightly different from our previous ones. Besides providing assistance to the community, we want the programme to be a platform for participants to share ideas and gain knowledge,” said Hj Saiful Bahri.

Through the programme, he said the elderly participants could learn from the tech-savvy younger generation and vice-versa.

“With that knowledge, they can then help the wider community such as village or mukim consultative councils which often request assistance in designing promotional material and product packaging,” he added.

Hj Saiful Bahri said further details of the programme will soon be released pending approval from the Tutong District Office, which oversees the group.

“We want to see more Tutong residents become volunteers and do community service. Volunteering is a sincere form of work we can do to please Allah SWT and give back to the community. When the people need help, we will help them,” he said.

Tutong residents can participate in the programme by obtaining a registration form at the Tutong District Office or the Tutong District Volunteers office.

The Brunei Times