RTB officers conclude fire marshall course

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TWENTY-FOUR staff members from state broadcaster Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) received their fire marshall certificates upon completing their three-day fire marshall course yesterday.

The course organised by the Fire and Rescue Department consisted of practical exercises aimed to teach the new fire marshalls, among others, in using the correct type of fire extinguisher during a fire and the correct procedure in a fire drill at the RTB complex at Sungai Akar.

Salmi Hj Abd Karim, a participant who received an Assistant Chief Fire Marshall certificate, said it was important for her to undergo the training as skills attained aided her existing responsibility as RTB’s floor manager – this included evacuating staff and visiting artists out of the building in cases of fire or other emergencies.

 “As the floor manager, I am the last one to leave the building so it was crucial for me to undergo this training,” she said adding it was the first time for the fire drill to be conducted in the RTB complex.

 She said that her responsibility as assistant chief marshall included evacuating people to the safest route out of the building and aiding those injured in the fire.

 “We learnt the techniques on how to safely escort the injured and the unconscious down the stairs as you know we are not allowed to use an elevator in a fire,” Salmi said.

Through the course, she learnt that it was a common misconception to immediately evacuate upon hearing the fire alarm.

She said that as a fire marshall the correct method was to first assure the actual break out of a fire as false alarms are common, adding that doing so would prevent wasted time by evacuating everyone outside of the building.

Learning that attention to details is very important in preventing fires, she felt that she still had much more to learn even after completing the three-day course.

The Station Officer of the Fire and Rescue Department who coordinated the training course said that last year they certified over 900 fire marshalls and that RTB was the first government organisation to go through the three-day training.

Rozita Hj Mohd Kamis said that the main aim of the three day-course was finding the most systematic way when evacuating people and to consider the best possible fire escape routes. She said that the fire drill saw an appointed fire marshall at every floor level whose job was to inform the firefighters the exact location and number of the waiting evacuees in the building.

The 24 participants were awarded their certificates at the Lecture Theatre building at the Fire and Rescue Department in Berakas by guest of honour, Assistant Superintendant Muhd Noor Aflan Awg Kachi.

The Brunei Times