Public told to save water to help gov’t lessen cost of treatment

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THE Department of Water Services is calling the public to reduce water consumption by adopting and nurturing good saving habits with expected prolonged dry weather conditions up to March.

This will also help the government lessen expenditure of water treatment costs, said an officer from the department yesterday.

“Water is subsidised in Brunei. The question is not how much money a person can save by saving and conserving water. The key and important thing is by saving water, one can save the capital investment and cost of producing water which is borne entirely by the government,” an officer at the department told The Brunei Times yesterday.

The officer who declined to be named, said the cost of water supply to the public is subsidised by the government, and by saving water, all can help to reduce the government’s expenditure in the operating and maintenance costs of water here.

“So by saving water, everyone is helping the government to achieve more efficient use of water and financial resources,’’ the officer said.

Although there is an abundance of raw water in Brunei, water treatment is a long and expensive process, the official said, although she was not able to disclose the amount spent annually by the government.

The official added operation and maintenance of continuous uninterrupted water supply is costly and challenging.

“Saving water is helping our government save money. So start with small steps and changes to nurture good habits in saving water,” the official said.

The department personnel added that for organisations, they should monitor water bills and leaks, and spread the message of water conservation and water saving to staff as part of their corporate social responsibility.

“Water is a precious resource, and saving water helps to preserve and protect our environment. Sustainability in the water supply is the key,” the civil servant said.

Some examples of how the public can adopt in terms of water saving habits, the officer said, are to reuse and recycle water, monitor their water bills and install a rain water harvesting device.

She added they can also reduce showering time to four minutes, turning off the water tap while brushing their teeth, and using water efficient devices such as half flushes. “Appreciate water, have ownership of it and value it,” she said.

The Brunei Times