Youth Centre can be focal point for entrepreneurs

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THE head of Youth Entrepreneurship Programme and International Relations Sub Unit at the Youth Centre has proposed for a Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship (CYE) to train and educate young people interested in being entrepreneurs.

Speaking with The Brunei Times, Pg Kamal Ghadafi Pg Hj Suhaimi explained that he envisaged the proposed Centre would aim to facilitate and train entrepreneurship skills for youths.

“The purpose of setting up the new Centre is to provide a place to facilitate and train youths aged between 15 to 40 as per the national definition in the skills and mindset needed to build sustainable enterprises,” he said.

“The Centre will be for youths who are curious about entrepreneurship and want to know how to get a start in being an entrepreneur,” he added.

Pg Kamal Ghadafi stated that there would be training and educational programmes available to all youth entrepreneurs at the proposed Centre while also being a place where ideas can grow and flourish into sustainable businesses.

“The new centre would not be a place that would offer seed money just yet as I do not think it is correct to simply offer people seed money for their business ideas and then let them go off on your own to start a business as it is hard to keep in check what is done to that start-up capital,” he said.

“Instead, we want to teach leadership, communication and other soft-skills and not more going-concern skills like financing or bookkeeping because my aim is for them to have a mindset to prime them for success, to not give up and settle for a job,” he explained.

Pg Kamal Ghadafi plans for the Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship to be based at the existing Youth Centre building in the capital but he intends to create a new section at the compounds of the Youth Centre which would cater to the specific needs of the new Centre.

“We have been talking to local companies to help build a new section at the Youth Centre out of recycled shipping containers with an open workspace concept to house this new CYE so the young entrepreneurs can have a place to hold meetings and discuss ideas,” he said.

“However, for the immediate future, we are going to utilise as much of the existing facilities as possible here at the Youth Centre which would be a more feasible option for a new organisation,” he said. Pg Kamal Ghadafi added that he has already lined up training programmes and business ideas’ facilitation programmes that would be available at once should the proposal to establish the centre be approved while also incorporating existing entrepreneurship programmes already offered at the Youth Centre into CYE’s potential offerings.

“We would have training programmes for leadership, corporate communication or presenting skills for the whole year planned in advance, which I have been working with different government to make it happen,” he said.

“However, no matter how soon we can establish the Centre, we hope to be able to at least launch one of the programmes we have planned by the end of the year such as the Business Incubator Programme for Entrepreneurship which aims to develop any business ideas that we can accommodate.”

Pg Kamal Ghadafi, who is a local entrepreneur himself, hopes to be able to raise up a new generation of entrepreneurs with the creation of the Centre as he believes that entrepreneurship would provide young people with the job security they seek as well as help the nation fulfil the goals of Vision 2035.

The Brunei Times