School introduces system for parents to check children’s progress

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PARENTS of Raja Isteri Pg Anak Damit Secondary Arabic Religious School (SUAMRIPAD) students will soon be able to check their children’s academic progress through its Madrasah Integrated Management System (MIMS).

In an interview, Project Manager Rosyanti Hj Lamat said parents and students can access academic results after the school implemented a learning platform named Moodle in the system.

“Moodle is a learning platform intended to give student and educators as well as administrators with an integrated and safe system.

“We are planning to fully implement Moodle in the system this year, allowing parents and students to access any information from home about examination results, homework, feedback from teachers and so on,” she said.

Rosyanti said educators can upload academic notes, videos, homework reminders, quizzes and other important matters into the system.

“Students can also discuss with teachers at home by using the system. We have already informed some parents about the system. We gave them leaflets so that they can learn slowly.

“Once we are done working with the plan and project, we will call parents and teach them about the system. Currently, only teachers can access and use the system,” said the project manager.

The system was introduced last year to improve school management processes and prevent duplication of work.

It is hoped that the system would also help teachers and school leaders improve the management and administration of schools to save time and reduce errors.

“We started using the system since 2012, but we added more options such as attendance checklist, it helps teachers track the students’ attendance,” the project manager said.

She said the implementation of the system makes it easier for teachers to do administrative work.

InsyaAllah, if there are no obstacles and everything runs smoothly, we will expand the project to other Arabic schools,” said Rosyanti.

MIMS was developed as a pilot project in collaboration with SUAMRIPAD and the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Information Technology Section.

The Brunei Times