PKBN trainees complete 3-day health programme

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SEVENTY-THREE of the National Service Programme (PKBN) trainees from the fifth intake completed their three-day health curriculum programme held by the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) yesterday.

Held at HPC’s building located at the commonwealth drive, the health curriculum programme aims to equip the seven and eight platoon of the fifth intake with the knowledge on sexual intercourse and its risks, stress management skills and teenage pregnancy.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Dr Hjh Norol-Ehsan Hj Abdul Hamid, medical officer at the HPC who is also in charge of the health curriculum programme said the programme also seeks to equip the PKBN participants with necessary tools to strengthen their health knowledge.

 She said, PKBN has been working closely with the Ministry of Health through HPC since PKBN was first introduced in 2011.

This year, Dr Hjh Norol-Ehsan said HPC has added another unit to its health curriculum to further prepare PKBN trainees with more knowledge on food and hygiene.

“We have introduced food safety as an addition to the programme. HPC felt that this was an important topic that students will take interest in,” she said.

“HPC found that the previous PKBN intake had interest in selling food so we thought why not teach them about the importance of handling food and show them how to,” she added. During the closing ceremony of the PKBN health curriculum, participants were also guided through necessary steps to live healthily and in maintaining a healthy diet. Participants were also grouped in six and were asked to perform a skit on various health topics assigned to them.

 “Participants were given a topic related to health and we’ve asked them to either sing, perform an act, do a video presentation or dikir barat performance,” she said, adding that the programme also tests their creativity.  Dr Hjh Norol-Ehsan added that some of the activities and workshops held throughout the three-day health curriculum included talks on nutrition and diet, ‘life without tobacco’ and ‘healthy life without promiscuity’.

“We also held ice-breaking sessions and continued with a motivational talk delivered by medical officers from the HPC to give them a more in-depth knowledge of health topics,” said the HPC officer, adding that most of the participants have very limited knowledge of the effects of free sex and a bad diet.

 “They are the back bone of this country and it is imperative that they get all the information they need. We want to educate them and not just tell them but to show them why it is important to take better care of themselves,” she said.  Speaking to one of the PKBN participants, Syafiq Mumin said the health programme made him more aware of the diseases that comes with free sex.

“Before this I didnt really know much about sexually transmitted diseases and how easily one can get it if we are not careful. I thought the programme helped me and my peers to be more aware of this,” he said.  According to Dr Hjh Norol-Ehsan, platoon five and six of PKBN’s fifth intake will undergo the same three-day health programme on January 18th onwards.

The Brunei Times