Academic staff scheme attracts more foreign experts

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THE Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) managed to hire more expert or lecturers especially foreigners after the introduction of the Academic Staff Service Scheme (SPTA) that had been introduced in 2014.

The rector of UNISSA, Dr Hj Norarfan Hj Zainal told The Brunei Times yesterday that before the scheme was introduced, the university saw few foreign experts or lecturers interested to work with local universities particularly UNISSA.

“To bring foreign experts or lecturers to local universities was challenging as many of them rejected the offer given to them before," said Dr Hj Norarfan.

He said that before the introduction of the SPTA, only a few lecturers were interested in conducting research.

“With SPTA, more lecturers are aware that they need to improve their performance. If they are not being productive, they have to be eliminated from the scheme,” said the rector.

He said that with the scheme the university could lessen their budget on sending local personnel or students for conducting research abroad.

“It provides an opportunity for the universities in Brunei to obtain experts from other countries that could benefit the university in terms of learning process and research,” he said, adding that the foreign lecturers too are able to collaborate in improving the standard of universities in the sultanate.

He said that the scheme has been able to attract more foreign students to come and study in the sultanate.

“Mostly, students want to be supervised (for their research) by well-known lecturers as it helps them to get better university in future. We hired prominent lecturers so that they could attract more students from abroad,” he said.

However, he said that lecturers need to be more active, productive and creative in conducting their work as lecturers

“They have a responsibility to educate the general public by conducting effective lectures, teaching at university, making research and produce more publications. All these must be carried effectively for the success of Islamic teaching in the sultanate” he said.

Currently, UNISSA has more than 15 lecturers appointed under the scheme including foreign lecturers from Al-Azhar University from Mesir. A total of 79 lecturers are working under the university.

The Brunei Times