Volunteers to hold more soup kitchen events

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ORGANISERS of the soup kitchen are looking to continue and expand their operations following the success of its introduction last Sunday.

The project coordinator, Amirul Syazwie Ibrahim, in an interview said the soup kitchen would not be a one-off event, and that they are looking to do another one soon.

“We would like to do it again and try not to just make it happen on this day (Day of Action),” said Amirul.

“We would like to continue this. After a few months maybe we can do one on a bigger scale, depending on public support,” he added.

He said they still need to raise awareness so that more people know of the soup kitchen event.

According to Amirul, when he brought up the idea to his colleagues, they initially thought they would merely be making soups.

“Most of them imagined that we only wanted to make soup as the only meal (for those in need), but actually, there are many more things that we can cook. We can rotate and change the menu as we go along. I believe this is a good platform for our youth to enhance their creativity through cooking,” he added.

Amirul said having volunteers taking the time to help prepare, cook and pack meals for families in need is a unique way to hone their skills.

It would include learning how to lead and interact with less fortunate families, he said.

Last Sunday, the soup kitchen was temporarily set up at the Youth Centre in the capital where volunteers came together to take part in three different stations over different time slots to cook over 1,000 meals.

This included preparations the night before, cooking before dawn and packaging after sunrise.

The temporary soup kitchen functioned solely on volunteers and donations from members of the public for its ingredients.

It had managed to collect donations that included 125 fresh chickens and $700 to buy other ingredients such as rice and vegetables.

The Brunei Times