Local men get jail time for cable theft

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TWO local men who were involved in the power cable thefts in the Kg Ayer last year were sentenced yesterday to each serve 16 months in jail.

During the proceedings yesterday, Muhd Azrye Gulkasih, 26, and Mohammad Azzrul Azzmi Abdul Rahman, 22, admitted that they stole a total of 39 rolls of copper; 1,800 pair and 400 pair of primary and secondary cables from the Kg Pelikong Government Bridge and at the Kg Saba Government Bridge between October and November 3 in 2015.

The duo also admitted to causing damages to the cables when they pulled the exposed cables.

The theft was later discovered by a Telbru site inspector when he went to inspect both bridges.

Both men admitted that they stole the power cables which they later brought to a scrap metal shop in Jalan Kilanas to be sold.

The court ordered both men to serve the custodial sentence with effect from November 18, 2015.

The Brunei Times