Irresponsible garbage disposal persists

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A VILLAGE head yesterday deplored reports of privately-owned garbage trucks dumping its collections at the temporary waste disposal site located at the RPN Kg Tanah Jambu in Mukim Mentiri instead of “directly sending these to the designated area in Tutong”.

The unverified reports prompted Hj Marali Ahmad, head of Kg Kapok and acting head of RPN Kg Meragang, to urge residents to “take pictures as evidence so we can inquire with their companies and the authorities”.

Penghulu of Mukim Mentiri Pengarah Hj Abd Rahman Hj Naim who is also responsible in overseeing the trash problem in RPN Kg Tanah Jambu said the matter has been forwarded to the relevant authorities including Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe). Privately-owned garbage trucks, as required by their government contracts, should unload its collections directly to Sg Paku Landfill in Tutong.

Pengarah Hj Abdul Rahman said that while still waiting for JASTRe response, the community under him is always ready to cooperate in addressing the garbage disposal problem “as it has been going on for too long”.

The two village heads also deplored the irresponsible garbage dumping in the area. Hj Marali said people continue to throw their rubbish at the side of the roads resulting to the reappearance of heaps of trash despite clean-up campaigns.

He said the matter has persisted since 2014 and has been repeatedly discussed with the local authorities including the Village Consultative Council (MPK) of the national housing scheme areas.

“The problem here lies with the mindset of the people; I was disappointed that whenever I made rounds, there would be people seen dumping their trash on the roadside, even though the containers were already provided there,” he added.

Two government-provided containers at the temporary dumpsite are more than enough to accommodate the rubbish produced by residents yet irresponsible disposal of garbage remains a problem because of people’s refusal to be responsible, he said.

Aside from RPN Kg Meragang and RPN Kg Tanah Jambu, nearby residents not from these housing scheme areas, also throw their garbage at the temporary dumpsite, he added.

“We need to train the residents to properly dispose their waste instead of just dumping it anywhere, and to do that, perhaps the government should also include waste collection fees in their packages for housing schemes,” he said.

“For example if the residents are paying $190 per month (for the house), this amount could be raised to $210 to include garbage collection service. At present, each household pays $18 for waste collection but perhaps there could be a discount should there be a lot of households to subscribe in the area,” he added.

He explained that having such service would make garbage disposal convenient as trucks hired by the government would collect waste three days in a week.

However, for the temporary dumpsite, he was unsure as to when the garbage would be collected and would be sent to Tutong. While irresponsible garbage disposal remains a problem, he hoped the community would take the initiative to solve this instead of solely depending on the government.

The Brunei Times