Court withdraws charge of people smuggling

National 1 minute, 2 seconds


MALAYSIAN national Abdul Zamil Badakwan Majid had his people smuggling charge reduced yesterday to charge of abetting a woman to enter Brunei under a different passport.

During the proceedings yesterday, the prosecution withdrew the charge which carries a $1 million fine, up to 30 years imprisonment and an unspecified number of whipping to an immigration offence which carries a jail term of up to seven years and whipping not less than three strokes.

Abdul Zamil is currently facing a charge of abetting Malaysian national Normala Anak Christina to enter Brunei without a valid passport and providing her with a Malaysian passport bearing the name Dayang Anak Sakai on December 31, 2015.

The defendant, who is unrepresented, had his charge read out but no plea was recorded.

Prosecution indicated yesterday that they will be charging another person believed to have been involved in the same offence and sought for Abdul Zamil to be further remanded pending next week’s mention.

Meanwhile, Omeera Omar Anak Jengan, who was jointly charged with Abdul Zamil on the people smuggling was discharged amounting to an acquittal yesterday.

The application for withdrawing the charge amounting to an acquittal was subsequently granted by the presiding senior magistrate Lailatul Zubaidah Hj Mohd Hussain.

The Brunei Times