Belait Arabic School welcomes 40% more students this year

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ENROLMENT to Belait's only Arabic school recorded an all-time high of 77 students yesterday, who entered Year 5 after meeting strict requirements including a sit down test.

Principal of Belait Arabic School Ustazah Hjh Noramalina Hj Md Ali, said 2016's intake comprising 39 males and 38 females, is a 40 per cent increase from the year prior of 45 students.

“This year the majority of students are coming from the Lumut and Liang areas in Belait, and we also recorded students from more rural areas like Labi and Sg Teraban,” she said.

To accommodate the 77 students, three classes has been formed for Year 5 - the current maximum - compared to last year's two.

Ustazah Hjh Noramalina added that since the school opened three years ago, introducing secondary Arabic education to the district for the first time, interest from the district's public to study Arabic has gradually piqued.

“We have maintained our strict entry requirements and tests. Typically we do not have an entry target; if someone is able to meet the requirements then they are accepted. But the school does have a general maximum capacity at this point in time, which is around 70 per year,” said the principal.

Students enrolling yesterday begun their orientation week called Ta'aruf, where they get to socialise with their new classmates, familiarise themselves with the routine of daily prayers and are introduced to the fundamentals of the Arabic language.

Contests for the Qunut prayer and memorisation of the Surah Yassin will also be held.

Students in Belait's Arab School study a minimum of 13 subjects; three religious core subjects of Al-Quran, Arabic Language, and Tarbiyyah Diniyyah, the five public core subjects of Malay, English, Mathematics, Science and Melayu Islam Beraja as well as five other mandatory subjects including Social Studies and ICT.

The Brunei Times