170 join teaching programme

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THE Master of Teaching (MTeach) programme at the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education (SHBIE) welcomed 170 students for its January 2016 intake, an increase from just 76 registrants last year.

Dean of SHBIE Dr Jainatul Halida Hj Jaidin said this was more than a 100 per cent increase from last year’s January intake.

“I hope they are genuinely passionate about the teaching profession, it’s nice to see a lot of graduates taking interest in the teaching field,” she said.

In an interview, Md Safwan Md Jamal, a government-bonded scholar who enrolled in the MTeach programme for secondary education, said teaching is much more than just a job.

“Being a teacher is more than just a job or a paycheck, you have to be passionate about it. Twenty years from now they (students) will remember what they learned and specifically, who taught them that,” he said.

Sharing the passion to educate, Abd Hadi Hj Roseli said he wants to instil a love of arts in young people.

The Art and Creative Technology graduate said one of the challenges he face as a teacher is that some students can be uncooperative, adding that some are “uninspired”. “Some have no discipline and do not even want to study.”

Dk Nur Azimah Pg Hj Tejudin, who is pursuing the MTeach programme for primary education, said she always knew that she wanted teaching as her career.

“The reasons I thought I wanted to be a teacher have changed over the years, but one thing remains the same. I feel good helping others, and what better way to help others than to teach,” said the aspiring teacher.

Md Nur Hisham Hj Abdul Halim, a chemical engineering graduate said he enrolled in the MTeach programme because he is bonded to the government.

“It’s not my first choice, but I’ll keep an open mind and see where it goes,” he said, adding that the programme also offers a career alternative for graduates.

The Brunei Times