Village heads call for more youths to join neighbourhood watch

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MORE youth are encouraged to join the neighbourhood watch groups as it would provide them with experience, knowledge and skills to ensure the villages’ future safety.

In an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday, the Kg Jerudong Village Head Hj Mohamad Rais Hj Ishak urged youth to partake in the village’s neighbourhood watch programme as it would prepare them for their future roles as responsible village residents.

The village head said that youth will become future leaders, and he believes they must be prepared by having a positive mindset and acquire the right knowledge, skills and experience to ensure the country is safe from crime and other safety concerns.

“If we don’t prepare them, they would not have the interest, so if we bring them at a young age, teach them, they will build interest to ensure the country remains safe,” he said.

Hj Mohamad Rais said by joining the neighbourhood watch programme, youths will learn skills from relevant authorities (such as the Royal Brunei Police Force) such as rescuing victims of vehicle accidents and moving a fallen tree.

He added that the youth’s physical capabilities are also a benefit for the village’s programme as they will be more active in carrying out tasks.

The Kg Jerudong Village Consultative Council (MPK) has already taken initiatives to attract more youths through discussions and meetings with the village’s youth.

The MPK has also used the village’s calendar events, such as sports and religious activities, in order to engage youths.

“Our aim is to work together, to reduce and remove crime and other safety issues to ensure our country remains safe. As well as to continue to inform and advise others on their safety,” he said.

Meanwhile, the STKRJ Kg Rimba Village Head Abdul Wahab Timbang said in an interview that he hopes for more youth contribution for the village’s neighbourhood watch group as it would develop their capabilities to further develop the country.

Currently, the village’s programme consists less than five youth members.

“They are our country’s asset, they will be the leaders one day… if they partake, they will have the knowledge and experience to play their roles to ensure the village’s safety,” he said.

Abdul Wahab said that reducing and removing criminal activities and other safety issues in the villages is important as it bring harmony and prosperity for the country.

The Area Two National Housing Scheme (RPN) Lambak Kanan Village Head Hj Awang Basri Abu Bakar hopes that more youth will join the village’s neighbourhood watch group as their capabilities would benefit in ensuring safety.

He said that currently the group has 21 members, in which only a few of them are youth.

The Brunei Times