‘Stamp collecting still relevant in digital age’

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GLOBAL advancements in technology have affected how people communicate with each other with stamp production declining due to less demand for postal services, said a member of the National Philatelic Society of Brunei (PFKB).

But according to PFKB Secretary Hj Bakar Hj Berudin, the association will continue to share its collection and appreciation of stamps by joining stamp exhibitions.

“Although not exempted from this trend, PFKB will continue its efforts to maintain its activities, in particular, participating in stamp exhibitions wherever allowed.”

PFKB plans to take part in several overseas exhibitions this year.

They include the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) 32nd Asian International Stamp Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand from August 10-15, the New York 2016 World Stamp Show from May 28-June 4, the FIAP World Stamp Championship Exhibition from October 21-26 in Taipei, Taiwan and the 2nd Borneo Philatelic Exhibition in Kuching, Sarawak in April.

In an email interview, Hj Bakar said that in the coming years, PFKB will actively continue to organise and promote its activities in line with the society’s aims and objectives stipulated in its constitution.

This includes participating actively as chairman of the Borneo Philatelic Federation, co-organising the 2nd Borneo Philatelic Exhibition, hosting the 3rd Borneo Philatelic Federation meeting and 2nd Borneo Stamp Exhibition meeting as well as preparing exhibition material on the history of the Brunei River design stamp and exhibit for the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien stamp issued in 1951-1967.

PFKB has also published three books written by Hj Bakar related to stamp matters which have won medals at literature class exhibits at international exhibitions.

These include The Collection of Brunei Issues 1978-2008 - Miniature Sheet which was awarded a silver medal at the literature class exhibit held at the China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition in Luoyang, Hunan, China, Asas Mengumpul Setem (Basics of Stamp Collection) published in September 2003 which was awarded a silver-bronze medal in the literature class exhibit at the Taipei 2015 30th ASIAN International Stamp Exhibition and the Brunei Darussalam Encyclopedia of Stamps Issued 1895-1970 published in January 2014 which was awarded a silver medal at the same exhibition.

Two other manuscripts written by Hj Bakar - ‘Postal Stationery of Brunei Darussalam’ and ‘The History of Brunei Stamps 1895-1971’ - are being reviewed by the Language and Literature Bureau for publication.

Membership in the society has also been opened up to the public. The PFKB currently has 25 members, including one overseas member.

Ordinary membership is open to Brunei residents with a registration fee of $50 as well as an annual fee of $20. The same applies for overseas membership.

Associate membership is open to societies, clubs and private and government sectors for a registration fee of $200 and annual fee of $50.

Lifetime membership is open to anybody for a fee of $500.

Honorary membership is granted to individuals recommended and supported by the executive committee.

The Brunei Times