Ministry discusses plans for ‘One Village, One Product’ marketplace

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THE Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) is looking to set up a permanent location to market all the 162 products under the One Village, One Product (OVOP) initiative in a bid to promote local products in the sultanate.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, OVOP Project Officer Ahmad Fazil Zakaria said however, the move is currently still under discussion with the ministry evaluating and studying potential places in the country. Among what was considered, said Ahmad Fazil, was whether to rent a place from the private companies or just to set up a new building, which would also depend on the rental price; whether or not it would allow sustainability to set up shop at the proposed location.

In terms of location, Ahmad Fazil said it should be commercial areas where people, including tourists would frequently visit.

“Currently we are looking at Gadong and the capital itself, as we believed that those two are amongst the areas bustling with commercial activities in the country,” he said. The plan to build a permanent location for OVOP products, he said, was also amongst what was learnt by studying the success of Destinasi Tutong and Kedai Kampung in Temburong. “While they house the products in the district, the permanent premises would house all of the products available nationwide; be they handicrafts from Kg Mendaram in Belait district or the dried noodles in Kg Senukoh, Temburong,” he said. The setting up of the premises is also aimed at addressing some of the difficulties faced by OVOP entrepreneurs, which includes challenges in promoting their products even to the local population, besides from finding a proper marketing place.

“Through some programmes, the government has also helped set up a supply chain between these local products and private companies; for instance, the hotel in Tutong would also gain profit should they work together with the Destinasi Tutong and help promote them” he said.

With a permanent location, the OVOP initiative would also help contribute to the economy of the country, besides from just individuals and small groups of people in the country.

The Brunei Times