KACA welcomes more toys, books

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THE Association for Children with Special Needs (KACA) is calling for people to contribute toys and books for the benefit of children with special needs, said its managing director.

Hj Abdul Alim Hj Othman told The Brunei Times that toys and books are important for the development of children with special needs and it is one of the best ways to develop their communication skills as they play often with other children.

“Playing with toys has an important role in the growth and development of children, but it is particularly valuable for children with special needs and disabilities.

“Through play and reading, children with special needs develop their cognitive, motor skills, creativity and social skills in a fun and engaging way,” he said

However, he said that buying toys and other materials needed for children with disabilities or special need could be a burden for their families.

“When a family has a special needs member, especially children, they want to do everything they can to help the kids learn and grow. One of ways is letting them play with toys even though they are over the age of 10,” he said

According to Hj Abdul Alim, families with special needs children also have to bear the cost of bringing up other children within the family.

“It would be difficult for them if there isn’t anybody helping them to alleviate their spending,” he said.

“Thus, we provide toys and book lending services in hopes that it will reduce the expense of parents or guardians of special needs children.”

There are several items that they can borrow from the association for a period of one or two weeks, said the KACA managing director. After a few weeks, they can borrow another toy.

“This is not because they cannot afford, but we encourage them to reduce their expenses,” he said, adding that besides toys and books, KACA also provides walking aids such as crutches and wheelchairs for the children to use when they need it.

Hj Abdul Alim said that the children can develop better in the right environment.

“Toys and books can generate happiness for the children, let alone those with special needs. They are happy if people such as volunteers make a visit at KACA.

“We welcome members of the public to contribute so that the children can have more items to play with,” said the managing director.

The Brunei Times