‘Creativity needed in helping others’

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CREATIVITY is an important aspect that non-governmental organisations and individuals should consider when thinking of ways to help those in need.

The Brunei Times spoke to several project coordinators during the Department of Youth and Sports’ Day of Action campaign who said that being creative while drawing from one’s personal experiences is necessary, as the needs of others aren’t always that obvious.

Youth officer and soup kitchen coordinator Amirul Syazmie Ibrahim said volunteers can benefit from creative methods of reaching out.

Using cooking as an analogy, he said just as different ingredients are needed to obtain the right balance for the flavour, getting creative is important in finding the best ways to help others and can also make their lives more interesting and colourful.

“We would like to spread awareness that happiness isn’t about what we have. Happiness is what we can give to others by helping them,” he said.

The president of Persatuan Kemajuan Insan (KESAN), Mohammad Aidil Firdaus Hj Jukin, said that while the presence of many non-governmental organisations is a positive indication of society, it requires one to think more creatively in order to avoid overlapping with other charities.

“We focused on and collected school stationery, as we worried that we would clash with other organisations,” he said.

Mohammad Aidil said they would like to start helping out in unique ways to enrich the lives of those in need.

Hjh Maani Hj Lamat, assistant head commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Brunei Darussalam, highlighted the importance of tapping into one’s personal experience in an effort to find creative ways to help others.

“It would be a waste to not use my experience as a teacher to identify what needs and assistance can be met,” she said.

She said school socks are a necessity that is often overlooked, and donating new pairs of socks to students would help ease the financial burden of parents.

“In my experience as a teacher, it can be seen that socks are a necessity that are prone to wear and tear. In barely half a year, they can easily become tattered, and there are some cases where children don’t wear socks to school.

“Pens are also a necessity that is often overlooked and so important for students.

“To help, I once collected pens and placed them in school libraries. Those school children who needed them were invited to take what was necessary,” said Hjh Maani on how help can come in various forms.

The Brunei Times