TDD: District-based tourism associations on the agenda

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THE Tourism Development Department (TDD) is looking at establishing district-based associations to help promote tourism and Brunei’s One Village One Product (OVOP) initiative.

The TDD’s acting director, Hj Zulzalani Hj Osman, told The Brunei Times that the department wishes for all districts in the country to follow in the footsteps and mirror the success of the Tutong Destination Programme.

It was previously reported that the Tutong Destination Programme has collected more than $28,000 in revenue as of December 18 last year.

“In Tutong, they came up with this tourism promotion association that specifically looks into the district’s tourism and the commercialisation of its tourism sites,” said Hj Zulzalani.

This, he explained, is what helped made the OVOP movement in Tutong commercially viable.

He added that such associations will help drive the tourism industry and economy in the respective districts.

“We want tourism in Brunei to be inclusive and by that we mean nobody gets left behind. We aim to achieve this by involving the local communities from mukims and villages, and help them promote their products,” he said.

“What we are trying to do by introducing these sort of associations to the other districts is to enable the OVOP movement to be managed in a more business minded perspective... to ensure that the movement will remain a sustainable venture for the local communities,” he said.

The acting director added that the associations will allow local communities to work with travel agents and tour operators towards generating economy growth.

Hj Zulzalani said that this is one of the initiatives that the TDD will be working on this year, adding that they will be working closely with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the District Offices to realise this initiative.

The Brunei Times