Brunei gets slimmed-down version of Netflix

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BRUNEI is amongst the countries in Asia receiving only a limited selection of television shows and movies on Netflix compared with its catalogue in the US.

Following foreign news reports that some countries such as India, Malaysia and Singapore were receiving only a small percentage of the shows and movies available on Netflix in the US, The Brunei Times did a preliminary search on several TV shows and titles in the Brunei Netflix catalogue.

Amongst the shows which are unavailable in Brunei’s Netflix catalogue are The Flash, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, House of Cards and Agents of SHIELD.

However, most of Netflix’s original series such as the highly-popular Orange is the New Black, Marvel’s Daredevil, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and _Marco Polo _are available in Brunei.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Netflix said that Netflix was a “curated service and thus isn’t designed to offer every movie or TV series available”.

“Netflix will continue to make market-specific decisions based on the preferences of our members,” the spokesperson said.

The Brunei Times