Volunteers to cook 1,000 meals for needy families

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MEMBERS of the public are invited to cook and prepare about 1,000 meals for families in need during a soup kitchen that will begin tonight.

The soup kitchen is part of the ‘Day of Action’, a nationwide campaign to observe International Volunteers Day.

A number of charitable events and donations are also expected to take place tomorrow.

The focal point for the campaign – along with the soup kitchen – is the Youth Centre in the capital.

“The idea for the soup kitchen came up when I volunteered with ASEAN4U in Malaysia last year where participants took part in an activity to cook for the homeless,” said the soup kitchen’s project coordinator, Amirul Syazmie Ibrahim.

The meals will be prepared by volunteers during the soup kitchen and then distributed to selected families, based on a list provided by “relevant agencies”.

“There are a number of skills that volunteers can learn besides cooking, such as how to lead and serve those around them. It is also a good opportunity to learn new skills, network and it can be considered a lifelong amal jariah (charitable act),” said Amirul.

The soup kitchen will be divided into three stations with the preparation stage taking place first, where volunteers will prepare ingredients to be cooked. It is expected to take place from 7pm to 11pm tonight.

The cooking station will then be opened from 2.30am to 7am the next day which will then be followed by the final station which involves packaging and delivery.

“Currently, we have more than 50 volunteers for the soup kitchen,” said Amirul who said more volunteers are welcome to join so the work can be completed faster.

More volunteers are required for the preparation and packaging stages.

“We have a shortage of utensils such as knives, chopping boards and aprons so we encourage volunteers to bring these along with them. There will be signboards directing volunteers where to go during the event,” he added.

“We hope that with this Day of Action, we will see a rise in the number of volunteers throughout the country for the years to come.”

At press time, there are 25 activities lined up for the nationwide charity campaign.

The Brunei Times