‘Giving in charity to orphans brings us nearer to Allah’

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DONATING to orphans can lessen their burden and in turn bring us closer to Allah (SWT).

During yesterday’s Friday prayers, imams across the sultanate said Islam is a religion that places importance on maintaining good relations amongst its followers as a way to stay strong and united.

They said by helping one another, it will foster a sense of mutual respect and caring, regardless of whether it is family, friends, neighbours or strangers.

One of the ways which encourages this habit of helping one another is through donations.

“Through donations, it teaches a person to have empathy, to be caring and to avoid selfishness,” congregants were told.

By donating, it is also one of the ways to spend their earnings in the path of Allah (SWT).

“This is because the aim of donating is to become closer to Allah SWT,” said the sermon.

The sermon said to donate through money or other means is an honourable practice, as it benefits those who donate and also those who receive the donation.

A donor will get pahala (rewards) for their good deed while those who receive the donation will be able to use it for their daily necessities.

“In essence, whatever is donated will not amount to a loss (for the donor). In fact, Allah (SWT) will multiply and increase it many times over,” said the sermon

It said donating is also one of the ways to help those in need and those who are poor and destitute, including orphans.

“It is our duty to be concerned about these orphan children, especially those who are directly responsible for taking care of them,” said the sermon.

Amongst the good deeds one can do for these children is providing them with basic necessities, especially since they are living a hard life and lack proper care.

Providing assistance, whether in the form of money or basic necessities, will not only lessen their burden but also create a sense of peace and happiness in our heart as Brunei still has this sense of caring, sympathy and responsibility towards orphan children.

Many parties have been making efforts to collect funds for orphan children, including the government, the private sector and individuals through such means as the Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (DANA), donations collected from mosques, associations and goodwill projects.

Congregants were encouraged to donate sincerely, especially since Brunei has a lot of facilities for giving charity or donations such as via Short Messaging System (SMS) like the SMS Brunei Prihatin for DANA which began on November 26, 2015 and runs until January 31, 2016.

The annual project is one of the charity efforts which makes it easy for the public to give donations to help orphans in Brunei get the proper care and education they need to ensure they become productive citizens, the sermon said.

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