Shop mistakenly charges customer GST

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LOCAL bookstore Tajul Trading Sdn Bhd recently refunded a customer it had mistakenly charged Goods and Services Tax (GST), confirming it was an unintentional error on the shop’s part.

The Brunei government doesn’t tax goods and services.

An image of a receipt from the store indicating the customer was charged GST for stationery purchases was circulated via messaging application WhatsApp yesterday, prompting The Brunei Times to investigate the matter.

The manager of Tajul Trading Sdn Bhd, Mohd Tajul Ariffin Hj Yunus, said the incident occurred on January 5, where the customer was charged 97.89 per cent of GST of his total purchases.

Mohd Tajul said that during the time of the purchase, his rookie cashier who has only been working for a month had panicked when there was a long queue of customers waiting to pay for their items.

“She scanned the items and accidentally pressed something on the cash register. Neither the customer nor the cashier was aware of the mistake at the time of the purchase,” he said.

The next morning, Mohd Tajul said the customer returned to the store and informed them of the GST charge on the bill.

“We immediately apologised and gave him a refund of the GST claim stated in the receipt. We apologised to him and he accepted our apology,” he said, adding this was the first time such a mistake had occurred.

Mohd Tajul said he is well aware that Brunei has no GST imposed on any goods and services.

He also apologised to the public for the mistake and confirmed that it had only happened to one customer.

He also assured that the mistake wouldn’t happen again.

Mohd Tajul said he had already met with officials at the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) at the Prime Minister’s Office to explain the situation.

The Brunei Times