Brunei authors to be honoured at event

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MORE than 30 Bruneian authors will be receiving awards next week for their contributions in the area of literature.

Hjh Aminah Hj Momin, director of the Language and Literature Bureau, said yesterday that the awards will be presented on January 12 during the first-ever Author Appreciation Night at Balai Sarmayuda at the Language and Literature Bureau's building in Old Airport, Berakas.

“This is to encourage them to take part more actively in the country’s literary scene, to contribute to national development and get involved in writers’ associations,” Hjh Aminah said.

Organised by the bureau, the ceremony will also include the presenting of prizes to recipients of its recent novel writing competition, essay writing competition and literary critiques.

There are currently around 300 authors in the country who actively write for different types of genres, she said.

Brunei’s prominent literary figures have been among the recipients at the region’s most prestigious literary event, the Southeast Asia (SEA) Write Award, held annually in Bangkok, Thailand.

The literary forms honoured include poetry, short stories, novels, plays and folklore. Also honoured are scholarly and religious works.

This year, the bureau will be organising various activities that will focus on enhancing Malay language proficiency through workshops and writing contests whilst developing intellectual sharpness through seminars, dialogues and meetings.

These projects and activities, which are hoped to attract all levels of society, especially youth, are aimed at disseminating knowledge to the public in accordance with the bureau’s role to uphold Malay as the country’s official language.

Established in 1961, the bureau focuses on four main areas – language, literature, library and publishing.

The bureau has been holding activities to instill a reading culture and encourage the younger generation to start reading as early as possible and eventually make it a daily habit.

The Brunei Times