1,738 sent back to country of origin for offences committed in Brunei 2015

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A TOTAL of 1,738 foreign nationals in the sultanate have been repatriated to their country of origin after serving their sentences for offenses under various acts in 2015.

In the media release from the Immigration and National Registration Department (JIPK), 104 cases have been brought before the court in which 58 foreign nationals were sentenced to caning.

The department also revealed the total of 755 compound fines were issued for various immigration offences umber of compound fines of 755 people for violating various Immigration offenses, involving a total of $303,300.00 in fines.

Last Tuesday, the department held an operation dubbed ‘Operasi Kesan JIPK’ in which the department raided two private housing construction projects in Mukim Pengkalan Batu. From the operation, eight foreign workers were nabbed by JIPK for failing to show valid identification and work permits.

According to the department, the operations are aimed at ensuring that foreign nationals who are living or residing in the country are holding work permits or visit passes that have been approved by the Immigration Act and Regulations Chapter 17.

“It is the duty of employers and also the guarantor’s to ensure that employees or visitors are guaranteed not to violate regulations such as working with other employers or working under the visit pass,” the statement read.

Employers are reminded to stay within the law and not take advantage of it by offering work to any foreigners. It is an offence if foreign workers misuse their immigration pass and if convicted, employers will face a fine not less than $3,000 for each immigration offender.

Last year, the Law Enforcement Division (JIPK) conducted 99 daily inspections to ensure foreign workers were complying with the immigration rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, 93 operations dubbed ‘Ops Cekup JIPK’ were conducted by the department in collaboration with other enforcement agencies such as the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), Internal Security Department (KDN), Religious Enforcement Division (BPA), Royal Customs and Excise Department (JKED), and the Labour Enforcement Division (LED).

To support this effort the Department welcomed the general public to jointly provide information in relation to immigration offenders by contacting its hotline at 8734888 or 8753888. Any information and the name of the informer will be kept confidential.

The Brunei Times