‘Writers, publishers contribute to a nation’s development’

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WRITERS and publishers have a role to play in the positive development of their respective countries, said the director of the Language and Literature Bureau.

Hjh Aminah Hj Momin, during an interview on Tuesday, underscored the importance of quality books in the publishing industry following the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) last month.

According to media reports, the AEC hopes to help member states reach new heights of development and introduce a more integrated region that is competitive globally.

With this in mind, Hjh Aminah said writers play an important role in building a good community which will have an impact on the development of their respective countries.

She said she hopes ASEAN writers can contribute to the economic development of the region through the Southeast Asian Write Awards.

ASEAN writers, including young ones, can work together to contribute to the development of each of the 10 member states, she said.

She added that the Southeast Asia Literature Council (MASTERA) organises an annual workshop where participants from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand gather to discuss various issues that will benefit the development of each society.

Hjh Aminah told The Brunei Times that the Language and Literature Bureau published a total of 87 titles in English and Malay last year, 40 per cent of which fell under the children’s book category.

She said the remaining book titles included literature, scientific reports and general books such as cookbooks.

She said more literature books have been published by the bureau to uphold Brunei’s responsibility as a member of MASTERA.

The bureau also regularly publishes books in English, as Brunei is a member of the ASEAN Book Publishers Association and Asia Pacific Publishers Association, she said, adding that the bureau no longer publishes Islamic books due to a lack of experts.

Any Islamic manuscripts will be referred to the Islamic Da’wah Centre for the books to be published.

The Brunei Times