‘Overseas students must stay away from negative elements’

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STUDENTS studying overseas should stay away from negative elements that will get them into unhealthy activities and social issues, said Deputy Minister of Education yesterday.

Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar said students studying overseas must remember to guard themselves against bad influences by upholding the teachings of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

He was delivering the speech during the launching of the 8th BruONZ Summer Games 2016 at the Dewan Mahligai Airport Mall in Berakas last night.

“I hope students studying overseas take care of their social activities, behaviour and manners by performing religious duties and staying away from what Islam has prohibited,” said Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom.

The deputy minister added that students must remember their country, culture and way of life when studying overseas.

Amal Nadiah Hj Abdul Rahman, a third year Bachelor in Science (Applied Geology) student, agreed on building a healthy social circle when studying outside Brunei.

“I think that staying away from negative elements is to remind yourselves that you are a Bruneian when you are in foreign land,” she said.

“I prefer to walk back home after classes instead of hanging out late at night to social parties. I feet that it’s better that way,” she said.

Touching on the Summer Games’ activities, the deputy minister hoped students from Australia and New Zealand to take the summer holidays as opportunity to broaden their networks with students from other institutions and share ideas with one another.

According to the President of BruONZ, Md Zulfadli Hj Mahadi, 216 students from seven universities have participated in this year’s event.

“Sydney has the highest number of participation with 84 participants, Melbourne has 52, Perth, Brisbane and New Zealand have 44, 38 and 37, respectively, while Canberra and Adelaide have one participant each,” he said in a speech.

The sports are basketball, dodgeball, futsal, bowling, badminton and netball, said Md Zulfadli. The event will run until January 17 in different venues such as Batu Bersurat Basketball Court and JKR Sports Complex.

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