Attendance crucial to academic success

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SCHOOL leaders, teachers and administrators amidst the opening of the 2016 academic year took on a new sense of vigour this week as they welcomed in a wave of new faces and fresh minds to mould.

RIMBA Secondary School Principal Hj Malai Shah Eran Syed Hj Yussof yesterday said that efforts to improve overall student attendance records will be at the forefront of their goals for this year.

Speaking at the registration and orientation session for Year Seven students yesterday, the principal stressed on the significance of maintaining an average attendance record as crucial to the overall development of the student.

“It’s a loss. (Various forms of) assistance from government (agencies are) already there for them to excel in their education. There are a lot of opportunities, but they have to be committed and they have to attend school to achieve their best,” he said.

With the goal of helping students achieve an ideal 95 per cent throughout the 2016 academic year, the school has embarked on several initiatives to help them achieve the objective such as focusing not only on the student but also by reaching out to their teachers and parents.

“Our objective this year is to reduce the number of students not attending school or classes because we want to reduce the number of students who fail the academic year because of attendance,” he said.

Students who fail to meet the school’s minimum attendance requirement of 85 per cent may have to repeat the year. Hj Malai Shah Eran Syed said around 10 students didn’t reach the target in the previous year.

Hj Malai Shah Eran Syed said missing out on school and classes will put students at a disadvantage as they will miss some of the topics from the classes.

He encouraged parents to be aware of their children’s attendance by visiting the school and speaking with their teachers.

The school also checks up on students at home if they’ve been absent without notifying the school.

“At the end of the day, it’s for their own education and for their future. We want them to come every day and work hard,” he said.

Hj Malai Shah Eran Syed said students’ attendance records are also being sent to the Ministry of Education to ensure that it can record the information.

Rafiah Hj Bungsu, mother of one of the newly enrolled students, said her role as a parent is to encourage her daughter to attend school.

Although she said her daughter hasn’t missed out on school, she continues to encourage her, as attendance is one of the keys to succeeding in school.

“Attendance is important. Rather than being at home, students should be in school and continue to learn because it will be beneficial for their future. Education is very important for your career,” she said.

Pg Aisah Pg Mohammad, whose daughter is also a new student, said she will continue to monitor her attendance daily, as it is important for her education.

“Parents should work together with the school to ensure the students are attending school and achieving the best for their education,” she said.

During the orientation, around 146 Year Seven students enrolled for the 2016 academic year.

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