Village chief proposes waste collection service to tackle litter

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THE village head of Kg Kiudang is proposing a waste collection service to tackle the growing litter problem in areas under his jurisdiction.

Hj Muhd Saiful Abdullah Anja, who also oversees Kg Mungkom, said he planned to hold talks with the Tutong District Office and other agencies with the aim of securing a pickup truck that would collect trash house-to-house on a regular basis.

“Currently, residents have to travel all the way to Kg Batang Mitus and Kg Sungai Burong to dispose their garbage at the nearest dump sites,” he said.

The village head explained the lack of waste disposal facility likely contributed to the growing litter problem in Kg Kiudang and Kg Mungkom, where unkempt surroundings are now becoming common compared to the past.

“A waste collection service will provide greater convenience to residents, thereby reducing their tendency to litter,” he added.

The finer details of the proposal are still under discussion, but Hj Muhd Saiful hoped the waste collection service can be offered free of charge. He also intended for the pickup truck to collect household garbage at least once a week.

With only around 300 houses in Kg Kiudang and Kg Mungkom, he said the waste collection service should be feasible to run.

To complement the waste collection service, the village head is also looking to conduct more cleaning campaigns on a regular basis this year.

The campaigns aimed to promote a healthy environment in curbing vector-borne diseases.

“Our objective is to increase public awareness on the importance of keeping the surroundings clean,” said Hj Muhd Saiful.

It was previously reported that a dialogue between residents of Mukim Kiudang last January also raised concerns over “the issue of unsightly rubbish and litter left unattended” in areas including Kg Batang Mitus and Kg Bakiau.

Residents complained the mountains of garbage were an eyesore and often attracted stray dogs after being left piled for extended periods.

Tutong’s waste production is anticipated to double by 2025, when the district’s population is predicted to reach nearly 97,000 residents, according to consultants drafting long-term development plans for the district in 2010.

The predicted waste generation, which does not account for “construction and grading material wastes”, equates to a total of 42,039 per annum from a population of 96,794 over the next decade.

The Brunei Times