Over 1,000 students enrol into Arabic schools

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A TOTAL of 1,034 new students registered at Arabic schools nationwide this year, statistics from the Islamic Studies Department showed.

The statistics show a significant increased compared with last year where only 521 Year Five and Year Seven new students registered.

Out of the 1,034 registered students, 446 are male while 588 are female.

In the Brunei-Muara district, 352 male students enrolled in the Sekolah Arab Sungai Akar Bangunan PGGMB, while 483 female students enrolled in the Arabic Preparatory School in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The Tutong district sees 44 male students and 51 female students enrolled at Mahad Islam Brunei. Meanwhile, 39 male and 38 female students registered at the Arabic school in Belait.

In the Temburong district, 11 males and 16 females registered at the Temburong Preparatory School.

In 2013, a total of 836 new students enrolled in Arabic schools.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Principal of the Arabic Preparatory School in Bandar Seri Begawan, Ustazah Sarimah Hj Ahmad, said this year the school sees a slight increase in the number of students.

“For Year Five, we have 482 new students and for Year 6, there are 378 new students.”

“We see a slight increase for Year 5 as last year there were only 391 students and this year we have a total of 482.”

Ustazah Sarimah said the increase was due to the awareness from parents on the benefits of sending their children to Arabic schools.

“Parents are now more interested in sending their children from an early age to study religious based subjects, apart from usual academic subjects.”

“Parents also are more keen to send their children to Arabic schools to prepare their children spiritually as well as the uniqueness of learning three languages namely Malay, English and Arabic.”

Ustazah Sarimah said this year the school will be making changes to its teaching curriculum to reach a higher number of excellent results for this year’s Primary School Assessment (PSR) examinations.

The principal said last year 80 students achieved 5 A’s in their PSR examinations while more than 100 achieved 4 A’s and 1B.

“Hopefully with the changes we’re making, the number of students achieving excellent results will further increase, InsyaAllah.”

One of the parents, Serudin Aji, said he decided to send his daughter to Arabic school because of the beauty of the Arabic language.

“I feel that the younger generation don’t speak Arabic enough or not a lot that do. I want my daughter to speak Arabic fluently and pass it down to her children one day.”

“The curriculum provided in Arabic schools are also great as it’s a balance between religious knowledge and academic knowledge. My daughter can benefit in both affairs of the world and hereafter.”

Serudin said he will be sending his other children to Arabic schools in the future and hopes that each and every one of them will be accepted.

For housewife Aminah Tamin, who has previously seen three of her children enrolling into Arabic schools.

“This year, another is enrolling and I’m quite proud of it. Alhamdulillah my children who are currently studying in Arabic schools are fluent in three languages and hopefully my fourth will be too.”

Aminah said enrolling her children in Arabic schools teaches them to be disciplined in many areas.

“They are obedient, polite to others, know how to take care of themselves and stay away from trouble. They also pray on time which is a bonus as I don’t have to remind them. They are the ones who remind me.”

“I hope more parents will be keen to send their children to Arabic schools as there are many benefits.”

The Brunei Times