Flying fox operators: Safety is vital

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS should remain a top priority for those providing recreational services, including flying fox, in order to prevent any unwanted incidents from happening.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Mohd Kamal Hj Mahari, who operated the flying fox at Tungku Beach, said there are multiple aspects that need to be taken into consideration when setting up recreational activities.

These aspects include environment, surrounding, height, weight and durability, he said.

“My company always prioritises safety - we look at the harness, the safety of the harness, the cables, and the foundation of the flying fox.”

Mohd Kamal added: “We also hold test runs before allowing the public to use it to ensure everything is secure.”

He stressed that safety is the number one priority where the public must wear important safety gears such as helmets and harnesses.

“Our flying fox platform is about 18-19 feet and 90 metres, which is safe for everyone, including children.”

Mohd Kamal said his company regularly caters to private events in the Belait district.

“We’re setting it up here in Tungku Beach because we want more people to participate in the activity and to popularise it.”

Mohd Kamal is also an experienced first aider and a Health Safety Coordinator for an oil and gas company in the sultanate.

“I believe this is important, if anything were to happen, I could become a first responder and hopefully help any further injuries occurring.”

He said his company uses equipments from the Brunei Adventure Recreational Association (BARA).

Dk Nurhashimah Pg Sanusi, BARA secretary general, said the association would always advise participants and members the risks in partaking in any activities under BARA.

She said BARA would always take extra safety precautionary measures when conducting recreational activities and ensure the public or participants on the safety of using the equipments provided.

“For example, if the individual(s) choose to partake in flying fox or zip-line activities on the understanding that they are being supervised and have been advised on the safety of the flying fox, it would be reasonable to conclude that the person or organisation (BARA) has a greater duty or care to ensure the individual(s) undertaking the activities are safe.”

Dk Nurhashimah said to further ensure safety of members of the public, operators are required to ask minors under the age of 18 to sign disclaimer forms explaining the risks and responsibility, safety precautionary measures for partaking in such activities.

“Operators should assure the oyblic that the equipment and set up are safe for use.”

She said vendors would also need to have the knowledge of health and safety for recreational activities.

“It would also be wise for them to go through a course for it,” she added.

“It is also imperative for other vendors to go through First Aid courses like Mohd Kamal because you might never know what could happen. Having experience in first aid could prepare you for situations that may require it.”

She added that providers or vendors would need to be aware and skilled as members of the public may not be quite experienced with the safety procedures.

The Brunei Adventure Recreational Association was established in 1999.

Dk Nurhashimah said the association currently has 60 members and aim to increase the number of members.

“BARA has exciting plans this year especially in developing our youths positively in obtaining physical, social, emotional and intellectual health.”

The Brunei Times