‘Encourage children to attend Quran classes at mosques’

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SENDING your children to attend Al-Quran reading classes at mosque is a good investment in early childhood education, said mosque affairs officers.

A mosque affairs officer at Batu Marang Mosque, Saiful Rizal Hj Abd Ghafar, said parents should send their children to mosque at the young age to promote life-long learning on Quran reading.

He believes that this practice of sending children to Al-Quran weekly classes at mosques can develop the children’s spirits of self-reliance and independence when they grow up.

“Attending the Quran classes accustomed to visit mosques when they become adults.”

Although children would benefit more if they understand the content of the Quran, but exposing them to reading the Quran at the early age will make them to learn the translation later in adult life, he said.

“The introduction of the Quran classes is very important in childhood learning. Once they grow up, they will visit the mosques by themselves,” said Saiful.

Hj Khairul Nizam Hj Md Said, Kg Sg Hanching Mosque Imam, said parents sent their children to Al-Quran classes at the mosque every Fridays.

The Quran reading teachers are religious school teachers, he said.

“We have our weekly Al-Quran and Muqaddam Reading classes for children. Parents now are aware of the importance of sending their children to the Quran classes,” said Hj Khairul.

The Imam of Masjid Setia Ali, Pg Hj Rusman Pg Hj Shahbudin, said children can learn discipline when they attend the Quran classes.

“Children will know how to behave in mosques. They will know to keep quiet when they perform Friday prayers with their parents,” he said.

In a previous report, His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, The Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, has called on relevant agencies to introduce programmes that can encourage young minds to practice Islamic teachings on duniawi (worldly matters) and ukhrawi (hereafter).

The Brunei Times