706 inducted as UBD 2016 intake

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) has accepted 706 new students for this year’s January intake, an increase from last year’s 520 students.

The university yesterday marked the start of its Freshers’ Week for the second batch of the 2015/2016 academic year, which was held at the Chancellor Hall to welcome the new students.

This year’s January intake includes 346 undergraduate students, 302 postgraduate students and 58 students in the UniBridge programme and English Bridging Course.

Out of the 706 new students, 50 were international students. The figure was an increase from previous year’s January intake of 41 international students.

In his welcoming address yesterday, UBD’s Deputy Vice-chancellor Associate Professor Dr Hj Azman Ahmad called on the new intake to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the government to further develop themselves, and “realise their talents” so they could contribute to Brunei’s social and economic growth.

The deputy vice-chancellor went on to say that students must remain active and be prepared to face challenges.

He said students must use their time in university to explore and be innovative, as this was one of the many ways students can build their entrepreneurial spirit.

Associate Professor Dr Hj Azman added that students, as agents of change, must equip themselves with necessary skills and a solid foundation so they can aid in further developing the nation, adding that they must take their own initiative in making changes.

He said UBD’s GenNEXT programme seeks to nurture students with essential skills, but added that GenNEXT is merely the platform for students to contribute to the nation’s economy.

The programme will nurture all students to become proactive, resilient, open-minded, aware of current events, and also have the readiness to respond to any challenges, he added.

The deputy vice-chancellor urged students to enhance their intellectual wellness by taking up different modules from different faculty, as this was a way to heighten their talents and areas of strength.

“Take modules from different faculties, you may discover that you have talents and skills you are not aware of,” he said.

Citing His Majesty’s recent titah during the get-together ceremony with Bruneians in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the deputy vice-chancellor urged new students to be diligent, focus and work hard in their chosen courses.

“You have the responsibility to develop yourselves to your fullest potential and to be an asset for the country. The most valuable resource for a country is its people,” he said, adding that Brunei’s future rests on the shoulders of its youths.

He added that a highly skilled and educated younger generation was necessary for the change.

The Freshers’ Week will go on until January 7 at UBD’s Chancellor’s Hall, organised by the Student Affairs Section with the support of the Student Representative Council.

During the week, new students will be briefed on matters important for university life, UBD’s Discovery Year opportunities and will also participate in religious activities, said a statement by UBD.

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