Foreign workers take time out to enjoy Brunei, meet one another

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COMMUNITY based gatherings allow migrant workers in the country to spend their public holidays in a positive way, giving them a sense of belonging.

This was said by an Indonesian worker from West Java, Ridah Rasidah, who organised a gathering of more than a hundred Indonesians from West Java in Brunei to celebrate the new year at the Tungku Beach yesterday.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Ridah said that these sort of gatherings help lighten the burden of missing their loved ones who remain in their home country while they are in Brunei to work and earn a living,

“Rather than loitering around and just hanging out, attending these gatherings can help forge new friendships and help form a support group,” she said.

Ridah, who works as a hairdresser at a salon, said that the gathering allows them the chance to relax and release some of the stress of working for minimum wage.

She added that the event serves to strengthen their bonds as an Indonesian community.

“Brunei is different from our country, the choices of entertainment are limited and we respect that, which is why we organise this community based event so that we get to spend our free time positively with members of our own community,” said Dadi Kusmayadi, also a West Java resident working in Brunei.

Dadi, who is a pump attendant at a petrol station, said that residents from West Java working in all four districts, came to attend the gathering.

A lorry driver, who only wishes to be known as Suriyana, said that he was happy to see all his fellow countrymen.

“It’s like a small piece of home away from home,” he said.

The Brunei Times