ATV riders reminded to put safety first

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VENDORS at the Tungku Beach urged visitors to take precaution when operating the all-terrain vehicles (ATV) which can be readily rented at the beach.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, one of the vendors who wish to remain anonymous said many of the ATV users are children and teenagers with little regard for the safety of themselves and others around them.

“Even just now we had a child crash his ATV into the side of a car whose owner was buying some food and drinks from my stall. Thankfully, the child seemed unhurt, but the car was dented,” he said.

The Tungku Beach vendor noted that drivers on the rented ATVs were kicking up a lot of sand and dust which would settle on the food and drinks they were trying to sell, turning customers away and spoiling their stock.

“The cars that drive through the beach do not kick up any sand as they drive slowly and considerately.

“The ATV users are zooming by every few seconds twice as fast as the cars,” he said.

Another vendor, who also wished to remain anonymous, called for the ATVs to be restricted to a different area of the beach, away from the food stalls to avoid conflict between ATV rental vendors and vendors selling food, drinks and clothes.

“We would not want the ATV rental vendors to vacate Tungku Beach as we know that they attract a lot of visitors here, but we would just like for their business not to adversely affect ours,” she said.

One of the ATV rental vendors, Saiful, said that he has tried to reduce the top speed of the ATVs by placing a rev-limiter on the ATV’s engine as a way to protect the users as well as his equipment.

“The users would not wear helmets so this is as much as we can do for the safety of people and to protect our equipment from being damaged by the users while renting them,” he said.

“We would not want to be liable should any accidents occur anyway as the users sometimes drive our ATVs recklessly even after we have briefed them on the proper usage of it,” he said.

ATV rentals are popular with visitors both young and old during the weekend, with an array of ATV sizes catering to the body size and age of the customers.

The Brunei Times