Concerns over rising number of crimes

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IMAMS on Friday raised concerns over the growing number of crimes committed by youth.

Without giving figures, the imams said many of the crimes were attributed to youth aged 35 and below in recent years.

“The pattern or trend of crimes in this modern world is different and ever-changing. We are witnessing more new crime trends in the country,” the imams said in the sermon to mark the Royal Brunei Police Force’s 95th aniversary.

The sermon went on to say that curbing crimes is everyone’s responsibility, especially parents.

Parents should be aware that they are raising children who will develop the country in the future.

“It’s important to strengthen the family institution as one of the crime preventive measures and this must start from the parents.

“Parents should be aware that children under their care have a responsibility towards the community and country,” imams added.

The sermon said the younger generation’s attitude will affect the country’s future.

Parents were urged to educate their children from getting involved in any criminal or negative activities.

The sermon further said fighting crimes is a trust given to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), but the public are also responsible in assisting the authorities.

The police cannot escape from finding effective strategies in solving crimes, the sermon read.

“We hope the police are able to prevent crimes and be responsible in their work to protect the community from negative matters for the sake of security and development.

“However, we should not just rely on police and village security committee at all times. We should come forward and work together in combating any criminal cases,” it added.

The public were advised to report any suspicious activities to law enforcers immediately.

The Brunei Times