Widow receives kind gesture from anonymous donor

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A WIDOW's house in Seria damaged by a fire two years ago has been repaired, only a month after an anonymous donor stepped in to front the cost.

Muneerah Abdullah's plight first came to light last month after The Brunei Times learned that the 61-year-old was living in cramped conditions with 11 of her children and grandchildren fitting into a two-bedroom government barrack housing unit in Lorong 3, after the family struggled to find the $20,000 necessary to fix their home.

The house, located in STRKJ Mumong, had its electrical system and a room severely damaged by the fire, with authorities offering her the two-bedroom unit shortly after the fire.

“After the story came out (last month), we received information (less than a week later) that there was a kind party who was willing to step forward to pay for the repairs,” said Muneerah, who tries to make ends meet by selling vegetables door to door.

Once the final arrangements have been made, Muneerah plans to move back into the house – which has also been cleaned and repainted – with her 11 children and grandchildren.

“Having been given this help – we (our family) will do our best to combine our resources together to stay afloat,” she said.

Out of her five children, only two are able to bring in income; one is employed by a company on ‘pay as you work’ basis, while the other is a fisherman. Two are divorced with children, while another is married without kids.

Muneerah is also supported by her old age pension of $250 per month, a chunk of which she funnels into buying wholesale fresh produce from Sabah to be sold to households in Seria.

The Penghulu of Seria Hj Jamail Linap also informed yesterday that Muneerah has been drafted as one of five underprivileged families to receive monthly donations of essential living supplies from Seria's Mukim Consultative Council (MPM).

“Muneerah has been through a lot – the loss of her husband seven years ago, as the sole breadwinner of the family was a blow, and the fire which forced her family to relocate created an insurmountable situation.

“Thanks to the generosity of the donor, she will be able to turn over a new leaf. And our MPM will be behind her,” said Hj Jamail.

The Brunei Times