Police conduct roadblocks in Belait

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TWO compound fines were issued in roadblocks conducted by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in Belait on Thursday and Friday night.

The drivers who were fined yesterday were found to have vehicles without working lights on their rear licence plates during a roadblock set up at the Jalan Sg Liang-Tunggulian area.

Thursday's joint operation between the police and the neighbourhood watches of Kg Lumut 1, Kg Lumut 2 and Kg Sg Liang began at 11.30pm and ended at 2.30am.

The operation led by Commanding Officer of Sg Liang Police Station Inspector Mohd Sofian Hj Kifli also saw a patrol around the Sg Liang and Lumut area.

Similarly on Thursday night, a roadblock was set up at Sg Liang and near Jalan Anduki in Seria.

Police from the Criminal Investigative Department also stopped and searched vehicles passing through, but no offences were found.

Thursday's operation, which involved 45 policemen and ran from 10.30pm until 3am, also saw a foot patrol around Kg Pandan with three members of the Pandan B neighbourhood watch and eight policemen from the Kuala Belait police station.

RBPF in a statement said both operations were held with the aim of deterring crime in the district through increased supervision and presence.

The Brunei Times