Enforcers padlock another eatery in Kuala Belait

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ANOTHER restaurant in Liang was ordered to stop operations this week for failing to meet health and safety standards.

The Belait District Office's enforcement section issued a notice of temporary closure on the eatery after finding that their preparation and storage of food was unhygienic, potentially exposing their customers at risk.

The district office yesterday said that the outlet would remain closed until it is fully cleaned and alterations are made on how food is prepared and stored to avoid contamination and possibly food poisoning.

In the same operation by the enforcement section, a tailor shop operating with an expired business license was warned to renew their license within a week or face a fine of up to $10,000, on top of an additional fine of $100 for everyday after which their license is not renewed.

The inspection at four retail outlets in Mukim Liang was aimed at making sure businesses are adhering to the New Procedures Business Licence Act, Chapter 127, which came into effect on January 1 this year. This week's closure was the fourth in the same Mukim for the past three months.

The enforcement section advised business owners to always communicate with the Department of Health regarding cleanliness and safety standards.

The district office also said it would continue to monitor food establishments under its jurisdiction from time to time to deter any violations, and ensure that public safety remains a priority.

Members of the public with any complaints may contact its hotline at 3334335, extension 404.

The Brunei Times