Seria to have 1st circular bus route

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SERIA will have its first circular bus route within its mukim once the new four route bus plan for Belait is receives final approval, according to the Director of Land Transport.

Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi told The Brunei Times yesterday that the re-routing and identification of new bus routes in Belait – a process being synonymously carried throughout all four districts – will dramatically improve pubic transport in the district by servicing five key residential areas found near and in the towns of Kuala Belait and Seria.

“We are currently trying to marry the proposal sent to us by the bus operator with our own findings, before negotiating further to finalise the four new routes,” said Dr Hj Supry.

Four separate colours are being planned to correspond the four bus routes to simplify the paths to the public, which would replace the current system in the district which consists six purple buses servicing a single route from Kuala Belait to Seria.

The new routes will require at least 20 buses, which are targeted to operate in 30 minute intervals.

The dedicated circular route for Seria will include stops at all key points in the mukim, including the squatter village of Jabang. Extended routes have been similarly laid out for Pandan, as well as Mumong which are currently very limited in their pick-up and drop-off points.

“Connectivity is the major issue facing the current system so depending where you are in Mumong for example, you may have to walk very far just to catch a bus to Seria,” he said. Aside from new routes, Dr Hj Supry said connectivity will be improved under the new plan by designing for the separate routes to inter-link with each other.

“Under the new plan the public will also be able to exchange or switch routes; you can be on one route, be dropped of and get on another,” he said. He added that the map for the revised bus routes in Belait is much simpler than the one for Brunei-Muara which is currently being serviced by 25 routes.

At present, Belait's purple buses begin operations simultaneously at 6.30am at the Seria and Kuala Belait terminals , where a bus each will travel to the opposing terminal – a journey which takes between 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of stops.

The existing route does not directly service residents from the Panaga '2000' National Housing Scheme or STKRJ Mumong.

The final bus leaves from Seria to Kuala Belait at 7.30pm.

The Brunei Times