2 men nabbed for 48 cans of beer found in vehicle

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TWO locals were nabbed on Saturday midnight in Lumut for possessing 48 tins of beer in the boot of their car during a joint patrol between the police and the neighbourhood watches of Liang-Lumut.

During a patrol to the rubbish dump near Kg Sg Kayu, the group of eight Sg Liang policeman and nine members of the neighbourhood watches from Liang-Lumut spotted a suspicious car parked in the area at 12.45am.

The vehicle and its driver, a 46-year-old male, as well as the 37-year-old male passenger were all thoroughly searched; with the police finding 38 tins of Calsberg and 10 tins of Tiger stored away in the car's boot.

The vehicle and the two men were immediately brought to the Sg Liang police station for investigation, with the case now handed over the Royal Customs and Excise Department for further action.

The joint patrol operation, which began at 10pm and ended at 3.20am was headed by the Commanding Officer of the Sg Liang police station Inspector Mohd Sofian Hj Kifli.

Yesterday's seizure of booze comes against the backdrop on an increasing amount of joint patrols between the Sg Liang police and the area's three neighbourhood watches of Kg Sg Liang, Kg Lumut 1 and Kg Lumut 2, who have conducted over 20 operations together this year.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force's records, areas near the Liang-Lumut coastline have been a hot spot for crime. Sg Bakong, Kg Sg Tali and Kg Sg Taring, located near the Lumut jetty accounted for the majority of the 13 arrests made by the Sg Liang police station from January up to September this year.

The Brunei Times