13-year-old victim in Kg Pandan accident in stable condition

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A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD boy who was hit by a car yesterday afternoon when attempting to cross Simpang 80 in Kampong Pandan 5 is in stable condition.

The boy, who sustained mild injuries to the left side of his body, including his head, is currently recuperating at the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, where he was rushed to by an ambulance after the incident happened shortly before 2pm.

The case is being investigated by the Royal Brunei Police Force, who are trying to determine the cause behind the accident.

The boy’s father, who asked for his son’s identity to remain private, told The Brunei Times yesterday that road where his son was hit was particularly perilous due to long, uncut grass.

“My son was visiting his grandparents, and had left the house to cross the road to go to the convenience store. Before crossing he looked left and right, but then took a step back, and then just blacked out (presumably because he was hit)” he said.

The Penghulu of Kuala Belait Hj Pungut Hj Ali, who lives in the same Simpang as the boy’s parents, backed the father’s claims that the uncut grass - right at the entry of Simpang 15 leading onto Simpang 74 - was a hazard.

“It hampers the visibility of people exiting Simpang 15, to cross over the road. There was also a senior citizen who was also hit before when exiting this Simpang,” he said.

The boy’s father also dispelled rumours circulating on social media that the accident was a hit-and-run, clarifying that the driver involved, a 64-year-old local, has come forward and cooperated with the police’s investigations.

The Brunei Times