Thirty-three traffic offences reported at control posts

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THIRTY-THREE motorists were caught committing traffic offences over the past two days in a joint operation near the control posts of Kuala Lurah and Sg Tujoh.

The operation, initiated by the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) of the Royal Brunei Police Force and the Land Transport Department (JPD), began on Wednesday night at Kuala Lurah and continued at Sg Tujoh in Belait yesterday afternoon.

29 offences to both local and foreign registered vehicles were recorded between 4pm to 6.30pm in Belait, but no fines were issued. The main culprits were tinted windows, with 22 vehicles ordered to pull-over to the side of the road to remove the tint material before continuing their journey.

The four JPD officers on duty also ordered five drivers with vehicles with blurry licence plates to report to JPD for inspection, while another two drivers had to remove coloured stickers off their vehicle's light.

Meanwhile in Kuala Lurah, three motorists were issued compound fines for faulty break lights, installing red headlights and displaying a licence plate not complying with set standards.

A summons was also issued to a driver with expired road tax.

19 officers from JSKLL and 12 from JPD carried out Tuesday's operation from 9pm to midnight, aimed to preventing crime and raising awareness of road safety.

Acting Head of JPD Enforcement Shiekh Mohd Yusri Sheikh Hj Abd Kadia said the joint operation screened “any and all” vehicles using Brunei roads, to make sure traffic rules and regulations are strictly adhered to by all motorists.

“We will continue to hold joint operations to make sure motorists (local, foreign, commercial) are aware and adhere to our traffic and road rules, which will translate to safer roads for all of us,” he said.

A JSKLL official added the operation also served to deter motorists from driving under the influence and to increase police presence near the border crossings.

Under Section 26(1) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 68, any person who is caught driving under the excessive influence of alcohol or drugs will be fined $10,000 and imprisoned for two years. Subsequent offenses will be liable to a fine of $20,000 and imprisonment for four years.

The Brunei Times